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Manage your files without losing your mind!

Have you ever lost some sheet music you bought for that audition a few months ago? Have you ever needed to email off your CV and Headshot but are caught up at work? Ever had pages from your script missing or the perfect monologue for that audition coming up but can’t for the life of…

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Who’s Who? (And Why Should You Care!)

Let’s face it. No man is an island. Although some Actors think they are the centre of the known universe the simple fact is – you couldn’t be an Actor without other people. Sounds obvious, right? But who are these other people you ask?  Who’s who, and why should you care?

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Versatility Is Killing Your Acting Career

The Medicine Bottle Your eyeballs feel like they are about to pop right out of their sockets. Your temples are literally throbbing. You can actually hear the relentless thumping of blood between your ears. It hurts, like, really hurts. A pain that is so intense it actually blinds you. You need to find something to…

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