Versatility Is Killing Your Acting Career

The Medicine Bottle Your eyeballs feel like they are about to pop right out of their sockets. Your temples are literally throbbing. You can actually hear the relentless thumping of blood between your ears. It hurts, like, really hurts. A pain that is so intense it actually blinds you. You need to find something to…

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26 Ways To Raise Your Profile As An Actor

Be honest with me. You’re not getting half the amount of auditions you’d like to be getting, right? You know you’re good, you’re talented, you deserve to be working constantly. I believe you, I do. But you can’t seem to get any casting directors to see it your way. You just need someone to give…

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Branding: You Look Like An Amateur

One… Two… Three… That’s how long you’ve got. 3 seconds and their mind is made up. Are you in the maybe pile or the bin? On average it takes someone just three seconds to have formed an opinion about you that will decide every action they take from then on. When your headshot crosses a…

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