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Want Me To Review Your Headshot Or Showreel Completely For Free?

You will learn...

• Does your headshot break any of the 20 Rules Of Headshot Composition If so, which ones and how can you fix it.

• Does your headshot rank high enough on the 4 Point Headshot Assessment for your casting type or do you urgently need to think about getting new headshots.

• Does your showreel meet the Ultimate Showreel Structure how far off is it and what needs to change.

• Do your scenes meet the Scene Score test to be the perfect advert for your castability, if not, why not?

Whats The Catch?

I need volunteers to test the new process! No catch, scouts honour! I usually charge my private clients £59 each for a review like this or £99 for both together. You'll get either of them completely for free on the condition that I can do your review live across Facebook for free to show all the members of my community exactly how it's done.

Pretty great deal if you ask me!

How Does It Work?

Click one of the buttons below to submit your material. You can submit as many times as you like and for both headshots and showreel too if you're feeling brave. Each time I will ask you a couple of questions about your casting type (because I have no idea who you are lol)

Once I've closed this down I will choose up to 10 submissions to go live with on a Thursday night (which I'll let you know about in advance.)

Afterwards, even if you couldn't make it live, I'll send you the full review report and a video recording of the live broadcast so you have all the info you need to smash your material over 2020!

Submit Your Material

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