Are You Serious About Your Success As An Actor?

If you want to be a successful actor you need more than just your talent and skill.

You need to know how to get on the radar of the Agents and Casting Directors who matter to your career. You need to know how build your profile so you will start being taken seriously as an artist. You need to raise your credibility and visibility to get called in for more auditions and book more jobs.

You need a step by step marketing strategy, designed to launch the careers of professional actors just like you.

Acting Business Breakthrough Gives You Everything You Need To Launch Your Acting Career

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“When I finished my acting training I didn’t have the support network of tutors, other actors or even an Agent to help me. I was really on my own. Acting Business Breakthrough has been invaluable because I know I’m not making the same mistakes that a lot of other actors are. Life as an actor is so much easier and less stressful.”
Jessica Harvey-Olayemi, BA Acting, UCLan

What Actually Is Acting Business Breakthrough?

Acting Business Breakthrough is a private membership community for actors who are serious about the business.

As an Acting Business Breakthrough member you have access to a series of premium video courses, downloadable content, casting and creative information and a community of hundreds of like minded, serious actors to network with and support you on your journey to success.

Once you join Acting Business Breakthrough you will unlock a series of video courses to teach you the foundations of good marketing as an actor. You will learn what being a “high profile” actor actually means and week by week you will be given new, more in depth courses and work to do to walk you down the path of your very own professional marketing strategy to get you in the door for more auditions and booking more jobs.

What Will You Learn In The Video Courses?

Course 1: Visibility & Credibility

In this course you will discover what it actually means to be a “high profile” actor, why that really matters to your career and what you can do to start raising your visibility and credibility so you start to get taken seriously as an artist.

Course 2: Castability

In this course you will discover how to define your exact castability without guessing. Why your friends, teachers and even your agent is usually wrong about your casting type and how you can use your castability to master submissions, choose the perfect headshots and know exactly what material is right for your showreel and auditions.

Course 3: Branding Your Business

In this course you will discover what ‘branding’ actually means for actors (HINT: Its not just your headshot and showreel!), why branding is crucial if you want to be taken seriously as a credible artist and the online and offline tools you should be using to represent your brand.

Course 4: Goal Setting & Achievement

With the foundations of your marketing strategy taken care of you will discover the no-fluff method to setting clear actionable goals you will actually achieve and create a plan of action with realistic and exciting milestones for your success over the next year and beyond.

Course 5: Get On Their Radar

In this course you will learn the Evergreen Outreach system to get on the radar of the most influential Casting Directors and Agents in the country. You will discover exactly how to write effective letters that grab attention and exactly when and how often to send them for maximum exposure.

Course 6: The Ultimate Invitation System

In this course you will learn the 6-4-2-1 method of inviting Agents and Casting Directors to see your work that can double the number of responses you get and triple the number of people who actually show up.

Course 7: Social Media For Actors

In this course you will learn the 4 stages of good social media strategy and the only things you need to be doing to increase your audience and your influence in the industry. Miss any stage and you will be wasting your time looking like a self promotion sleaze.

Start Your Two Week Trial For Just £5

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“This time last year I was really stuck doing only a certain type of work that I’d been pigeon-holed into and really just thought I could leave everything to my agent. I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing or where to start. With Acting Business Breakthrough I discovered how to brand myself as a business and start forming business relationships. I now have an insight into the industry that I never had before.”
Charlotte Peak, BA Acting, Rose Bruford

What Else Is Included In Membership?

Resource Library

Along with the main video courses above you have access to a library of professionally created templates and resources for you to download and use including resume, email and letter templates, surveys, spreadsheets, branding samples and worksheets to present yourself like a serious professional from day 1.

Private Community Group

You also have access to a private community group of hundreds of other serious actors just like you where you can ask questions, get feedback, network and keep yourself motivated as you take action towards your success.

Complete Contacts Database

Last but not least you have access to a gigantic and ever growing database of the most influential contacts in the industry including the addresses, contact details and photos of the top Casting Directors, Agents, Theatre Companies, Pantomime Producers, Film & TV production companies for you to search, filter, print and download. Never waste another minute on Google.

How Much Does Acting Business Breakthrough Cost?

Acting Business Breakthrough is a monthly subscription service with no contract and you can cancel any time you like.

You have a two week trial period where you get to try it out and see if it’s for you during which time you get unlimited access to all of the resources and you can start taking the courses straight away.

At the end of your two week trial, if you decide that Acting Business Breakthrough is right for you, you will be automatically renewed at the regular monthly price until such time as you decide to cancel.

Alternatively if you’d rather get complete lifetime access to the content (and all future content) instead of a low monthly subscription you can choose the one time fee.

Pricing Options

Two Week Trial

  • Premium Membership
  • Two Week Trial
  • £14.97/month thereafter

Lifetime Access

  • Premium Membership
  • Lifetime Access
  • One Time Payment


100% Money Back Guarantee. Your Trial Is 100% Risk Free

Afraid of investing your hard earned money? It’s understandable.

The world is full of scams and charlatans selling snake oil which is why you are covered by a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

If at any point during your trial you decide that Acting Business Breakthrough is not right for you not only can you cancel your membership right then and there but just send a quick email for a full refund.

Start Your Two Week Trial For Just £5

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“I graduated from Bristol Old Vic but before Acting Business Breakthrough I had no focus. I was waiting for my agent to do all the work and then hopefully call me but now I know how to confidently approach casting directors and directors and producers and not feel like I am annoying them. It just works and I cant recommend it enough. Do it, it will change your life as an actor.”
Ben Wesley Ashton, Bristol Old Vic, Royal Shakespeare Company
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