Temp Work

Is Teaching a Good Temp Job For Actors?

A Walk In The Park Stagecoach, Razzamataz, Perform and a hundred other small, independent and chains of stage schools have thousands of young performers across the country taking acting, singing and dance classes every week… And they all need teachers to teach them. Is it any wonder that Teaching Jobs Rank #1 In The Most…

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Bartending & Waiting: A Good Temp Job For Actors?

The Bread And Butter Of Resting Actors Bartending, Barista-ing, and Waiting tables is the staple temp work of the masses. It’s just so easy to pick up and drop. With hundreds and hundreds of restaurants around you couldn’t spit in London without hitting a “staff wanted” sign. I paid my way through Drama School working…

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Front Of House: Free Your Time Or Make You Poor?

The Out Of Work Actors Go-To If Bartending & Waiting is the temp work of the masses then Front Of House is where most actors stereotypically congregate. Sounds pretty good from the outside: you get to see a show loads of times for free, get to be around like minded people, in the same boat…

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Is Office Temping A Good Job For Actors?

Office Temping & Reception work is a very popular choice for lots of actors as a Temp Job, particularly for women it seems. Despite the fact that I might as well be permanently plugged in to the Matrix as well as get actual pleasure out of organising and managing an office environment (yes I am…

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Worldwide Exclusive: Luxury Retail Temp Job Review

Imagine that regular retail work and promo / experiential events had a baby… and they built its crib out of solid gold. That’s what working in luxury retail is like. In today’s entry in The Best Temp Jobs For Actors we dive into the various pro’s and cons of the world of Harrods and Selfridges…

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